Easier task creation with a popup
Screen Shot 2021-10-20 at 09
We change the tasks creation form in the
view of your plan to use a popup rather than an inline field.
The previous UX would often masks available outcomes and make it harder (or impossible) to add tasks. Sorry about that and thanks for your patience!
Open up workspace invites to your team
Screen Shot 2021-10-12 at 10
We added a new setting in Access & Security that lets you manage who can invite users to the platform.
You can restrict invites to admins-only, or open up that feature to let your teammates invite their colleagues.
Compare your plans confidence
Screen Shot 2021-10-12 at 10
Hey there! We just added confidence metrics to the plans listing. The metrics are using a simple color scale to help you compare statuses and see which plans are on track, and which plans require your attention.
A big thanks to Anthony Willmott for helping us sharpen that feature.
Automate check-ins with our Remote Check-Ins API
POST https://api.tability.app/webhooks/checkins?remote_checkins_token=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Not all outcomes require to have a thoughtful comment attached to them. Sometimes, you just want to track your metrics to keep an eye on them. That's often the case with KPIs.
We just released a check-ins API that you can use to create and update check-ins via scripts, or by using a service like Zapier.
TV dashboards for your plans
Screen Shot 2021-09-29 at 09
There's a new TV mode for your plans!
Some of you might be returning to the office (we still can't in Australia 🥲), so we wanted to help you display your most important goals where everyone can see them.
Just click on the "Enter TV mode" option in your plan menu to switch to the TV dashboard.
Screen Shot 2021-09-29 at 09
Recently fixed and improved
  • Added a button to re-install the Slack integration
  • Re-arranged the inbox to use tabs
  • Added 2 new OKRs templates for Community
  • Improved Slack integration with unfurling
  • Fixed comment box crash when using null values
Public plan sharing, better templates, persisted expand state
You can now share a digest report of your plan with people that do not have an account in your workspace. This is often the case when you have to share progress on your goals with people outside of your team.
Just click on the share button to enable public sharing. You can also protect the link with a password in your plan settings.
That's not all! We shipped a couple of improvements this week as well:
  • The expanded state of the plans listing is persisted. No need to click on expand every time you reload the page (sorry for taking so long 🙇‍♂️)
  • We added a search bar to the templates.
  • We cleaned up the templates tags—all these colors were a bit too aggressive.
  • Cleaned up the Slack reports
Better Slack notifications
We're following up on last week's Slack improvements to add a few more capabilities to our Slack integration:
  • Tability will now send a reminders in your plan's Slack channel when check-ins are due.
  • Reminder DMs now include the list of outcomes that you own.
20+ OKRs templates to build your own plan
Screen Shot 2021-08-30 at 16
We've just introduced a new library of 20+ templates to help you get inspired when writing your own team goals and OKRs. This will be an ongoing project, and you can expect us to add more and more templates as we go.
  • Just click on "Use template" in the plan edit mode to see the templates directory.
  • Templates can be added individually to each plan.
  • You can filter templates by theme/function.
We also welcome suggestions! Just use this form to request an example.
Let us know what you think!
Reports improvements, better Slack integration
So—adding new things is great, but improving the existing can also be exciting. We spent the last week polishing some of the existing reports to make sharing goals a better experience.
What's fixed
  • The recently visited plans are now ordered by last visited date (as you'd expect).
  • Our Slack integration now uses the proper channel IDs to share weekly plan reports. We were using the channel name previously, which would fail on some occasion.
What's improved
Screen Shot 2021-08-25 at 09
  • The email reports have a new look! They will now include a progress summary of your objectives, and it's easier to see the difference between objectives and outcomes.
  • PDF reports have also been improved to adopt a similar format.
  • You Slack reports will now include objectives stats.
  • You can find a shortcut on your plans to connect your plan to a Slack channel.
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