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We've added a new set of statuses to help you track in a more precise way the state of your initiatives and tasks. You can now indicate if a specific initiative is planned, in progress, blocked, etc...
We haven't yet updated the roadmap board (now, next, later), but we do plan to replace it with a new board that follow the steps listed here.
Please send your feedback!
Planning is going to get much easier! You can now re-order your initiatives under a specific outcome/KR from the plan view or inside of the details panel.
Just click on any row to drag it to where you want it to be!
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The progress data that you need in your check-ins is often tied into a 3rd party tool. Whether it's MRR, deals created, issues closed, it would be awesome if Tability could just pull the data from the tools you used.
Well. That's exactly what we built!
The new data connectors will allow you to pull check-ins information from your preferred tool and displaying the current progress in your check-in form.
Right now we have added connectors for Jira, Hubspot and Chartmogul. But, we have a long list of platforms that we want to add next!
There's also an auto-sync feature!
Customers on a Premium subscription will also be able to enable auto-sync. Tability will then pull data every 48h and adjust the confidence status accordingly.
Just email us at if there's a tool that you'd like us to prioritise.
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We shipped a series of improvements for teams!
  • A brand new layout that makes it easier to edit your team description and see the related plans.
  • Color picker to select banner and banner text colors.
  • See the number of members per team in the teams listing.
  • We fixed the plans counter in the teams page.
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We've just re-built entirely our strategy map to make it snappier and easier to use:
  • Faster loading of plans
  • You can now drag elements to re-arrange your map
  • More robust interactions to zoom in/out and move around the map
  • Inclusion of a minimap!
This is the first step before adding more features to this view such as adding filters and showing deeper dependencies.
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We got a bit concerned that we were failing at our 2 main jobs:
  • Helping teams understand at a glance how they were doing
  • Keeping the UI intuitive while doing so
We spoke to a few of you to understand the information that you care about the most and making sure that it would be front and center in Tability.
We're super excited about the new design for outcomes/KRs:
  • You can always read the latest progress value for any of the outcome/KRs without having to open them.
  • You can easily see what's off-track vs. on-track
  • It only takes one click to see all dependencies (outcomes & tasks)
We hope you'll enjoy this new look!
  • More granular notifications to disable notifications for first view on your check-ins.
  • Updated OpenAI integration to create simpler and more relevant suggestions.
  • Merged options in the plan menu to declutter the settings.
  • Fixed bug that removed the navigation arrows.
  • Fixed clipping issue with dropdowns being masked in modals.
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Less is often more! We've replaced our dependency toggles to give you a much easier way to see the tasks
the outcomes/KRs that contribute to a specific goal.
This not only allows to remove some clutter from the UI, but it also simplifies the user experience by giving you a simple way to expand and collapse dependencies.
Don't hesitate to send your feedback via the Intercom popup. We'd love to know what you think!
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We do our best to give you meaningful dashboard out of the box, but sometimes nothing beats getting a spreadsheet and crunching the data in pivot tables.
You can now download exports of:
  • All check-ins in your workspace
  • All the plans
  • All objectives, outcomes and initiatives
  • All the users
Of course, the exports respect the privacy settings, and users can only download data that they're allowed to see.
You can download the list of users (including statistics around their goals) from the People tab. And you can download all the other reports from the Reports & usage admin section of your workspace.
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At Tability we love to minimise context switching whenever we can. This is why we've made it super easy for you to embed Tability in your tools.
You can now display your plans, objectives, and outcomes directly in Notion and Confluence pages.
How it works
  1. Enable public sharing for your plan
  2. Open up the plan, objective or outcome that you want to embed
  3. Click on "Share"
  4. Pick the Notion or Confluence tab and follow the steps!
Read our Notion guide or Confluence guide for more information.
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